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Social Value

As a responsible employer and service provider partner SVL are committed to supporting the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of our employees and the local communities.

Countess Mountbatten’s Own Legion of Frontiersmen were formed in 1904 to Assist the Government in times of need, it provided a battalion of men who fought in East Africa in the first world war (25th (Frontiersmen) Fusiliers), and today continue to assist groups such as the RSPCA, The British Red Cross and local authorities with support in times of emergencies.

In 2015, shortly after assisting with the casualties at the Shoreham Air Show Crash, Savoy Ventures provided The City of London and Colour Squadron, Countess Mountbatten’s Own Legion of Frontiersmen with an Ambulance, maintaining and replacing it to ensure a valuable asset was always available. It has been used as part of the support for Major Animal Rescues in the south of England, In support of numerous Veterans Parades in Whitehall and Hyde Park as well as local Parades in the East of London, and of course it was used throughout the Covid Pandemic to provide transport to deliver drugs and food to the housebound.

We are extremely grateful for SVL Healthcare’s continued support.

Charity No. 284541

Patron: The Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Thanks to SVL more than 140 students from Sydney Russell have been able to practise rugby this year. I can honestly say that without their help it would have been impossible for us to have 5 teams competing in Essex / East London. Apart from that, they have provided outstanding support when it comes to our Y5 and Y6 section.

The funding from SVL has established a foundation for rugby at Sydney Russell School, which is now fully equipped with a pitch, posts, uniforms and equipment ready for future generations to find their passion for the game.

Emilio Navarro, Enrichment Team, Sydney Russell School

SVL Healthcare Services have been an invaluable supporter of Dagenham Rugby Club for over 12 years. As a club we are based in one of the countries poorest metropolitan boroughs and this brings with it all the social and economical challenges you would expect.

The funding and support, by way of free transportation, received has meant that over 150 local children benefit from free access to sports that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Not only have SVL supported our youth set up, they regularly sponsor our senior sides, offer employment pathways for our young adults, support training regimes which benefit club members and the community alike. They even provide all the kids with Easter Eggs and Selection boxes at Christmas, something many of our kids just wouldn’t get.

We are very proud of our links with the company and look forward to many more years support, as its essential to our continued growth.

Gary Knowlden, Chairman, Dagenham Rugby Club

I am writing to praise the community work of SVL Healthcare Services Limited. I am the Director of Sport at the Robert Clack school in Dagenham. The borough of Barking and Dagenham is statistically one of the most deprived areas in the country. The students at our school are at a huge disadvantage in terms of their starting point in life compared to their peers around the country.

At Robert Clack we pride ourselves on trying to provide our students with the opportunity to achieve and set high expectations for themselves. To do this is very hard work and virtually impossible without the help of the people at SVL.

For the past five years SVL has supported the school by committing to providing financial sponsorship for the PE department. Their generosity has been unmatched by anyone else. The funds they have provided have helped on a whole host of projects. Funding students (boys and girls), who otherwise would not be able to go to attend Rugby trips to France and South Africa. Providing running spikes and sports equipment for athletes that would not be able to afford them. Kitting school teams out in playing strips. Providing transport for whole year groups to attend sporting events and days out. The list really is endless.

The company has genuine interest in the school and the students and expects nothing in return. I know that we are not the only benefactors. Local clubs and societies are also supported and I know that without the support that SVL provide, like us they simply would not be able to.

Dagenham is and has always been a very strong community and SVL is a key part of that. The people there really do care. I would like to thank them on behalf of hundreds of students that they have helped.
Pete Goyette, Director of Sport

  • Kind caring and empathic drivers

    I would like to give some feedback regarding the transport provided for my husband and myself as an escort from our home address on Monday 24th April to Hospital. I would just like to say how kind caring and empathic the drivers were, they were simply amazing, they worked so well together as a team, they were kind and cheerful, they truly made the daunting hospital jaunt a very pleasant experience, we just want to pass on our gratitude and thanks.