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About Us

SVL Healthcare Services Ltd are a CQC registered emergency / non-emergency ambulance service, providing transportation for NHS Trust patients, transporting over 500,000 patients every year.

Our Experience

SVL Healthcare Services Ltd (formerly Savoy Ventures Ltd) was established in 2007. Each year the company has increased its operations to ensure the friendly and efficient service is maintained and now operates with over 250 trained staff and 200 vehicles using the latest technology and IT systems.

The Directors of the company have over 24 years experience in the Patient Transport sector and understand that patient transport is first and foremost about the patient, whose day begins and ends with transportation.

Our main aim is to ensure that all of our services are as effective as possible, creating a stress free environment for those that travel with us.

Our Head Office in Greenhithe is manned for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where we manage over 1500 calls a day.

Our Technology

Savoy Ventures has invested heavily in our software of choice, Cleric. We are very aware of the effort required to organise patient transports every day and therefore, we want the best systems in place to enable us to do this efficiently. The Cleric system enables us to book the required information quickly, to monitor and track the service from beginning to completion.

All of our vehicles contain a Dual Tracker system which allows us to monitor our vehicles on two levels. First it links to Cleric to give real time updates regarding the patient, the journey and the safe arrival of the patient. In addition, we are also able to use the tracker to monitor driver behaviour, speed and environmental considerations.
All of our vehicles are also equipped with forward facing on board cameras. This technology enables us to see the driver view of the road to help with any road traffic incident investigations.

We are also proud to announce the launch of the new Mobile App for our drivers. This new technology will streamline the communication with our software for more accurate and real time updates during journeys.

Our Fleet

SVL Healthcare Services have a fleet of over 200 vehicles, each having the operational capacity to provide services to a wide range of mobility classifications.

All our vehicles are serviced and maintained by our in house garage mechanics, who are also aided by our 24/7 breakdown team to keep our fleet division running smoothly.

Our Vision & Values

SVL Healthcare Services are a market leader in the Non-Emergency Patient Transport sector by providing a patient focused service to over 500,00 patients per year which meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Our focus is to provide a safe and caring service to our patients and clients responding to the needs of each individual while maintaining a professional and efficient service.

We value openness and honesty above all else in our work force and dealings with our patients, clients and the general public and support our staff, in everyway possible, to ensure these values are achieved.