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London Bridge Terror Attack – 29th November 2019

On Friday 29th November 2019, the London Bridge stabbing attack occurred in which 5 people were stabbed, two fatally.  London Bridge and the surrounding area went into lockdown including Guy’s Hospital.  This meant all journeys come to a halt, we had patients still travelling in and being Friday afternoon many patients to get home.

Immediate communications were established between the Essentia and SVL management teams and all patients travelling in were returned home immediately.  However, the main issue was that many patients already in London still needed to get home but would not be able to leave the hospital until a much later time, well into the evening.  This created an issue that many Day Crews had been working well into their shift already and traditionally there are fewer journeys at night and therefore, lower crew numbers.

SVL Gold Command headed by Brian Wren, initiated our contingency plan.  Our Call Centre team commenced contacting all off shift crews, bank staff and crews that were on annual leave to provide them with a brief and put them on standby.  All crews that were off site at the time were stood down – SVL benefitted from the fact that most SVL road staff live in London and so they were able to go home for downtime prior to the Hospital and surrounding roads reopening.  Call Centre staff who were off shift were called into the office and the management team supported the staff.

In the early evening, we received notice that the hospital was due to reopen.  All road staff on standby were sent to Guy’s Hospital and the task to get patients commenced.  SVL Call Centre staff remained in the office to deal with any call from patients and their Next of Kin.